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Launching in ferintosh from 18th october

TransLink Vanpool

TransLink is partnering with Modo Co-op car share and the Liftango ride-matching app to operate the Vanpool Program. This means more Vanpool matches for you and a seamless payment system. The program provides an additional option for people to get to work while increasing the number of carshare vehicles in the region.

How does it work?

We provide the vehicle and buddy you up with 3-7 other employees who share a similar commute.



The primary driver walks to the nearest designated Modo vehicle.


Next, pick up co-workers at pre-arranged stops, and park at a designated Modo spot at work.



At the end of the day, meet back at the car and enjoy a ride home. Then repeat again tomorrow!


What are the benefits?

Access to the HOV lane
Free and reserved parking
Reduce carbon emissions
Reduce wear and tear on personal vehicle
Meet new coworkers
Free and reserved parking
Perfect for people who can’t drive or don’t have access to a vehicle

Vehicle ownership vs. Vanpool


Standard SUV
$1040/month per car

(based on 41 km – 50 km travel distance)

Cost includes maintenance, fuel, insurance, monthly parking pass, and depreciation costs.


7 passenger Vanpool
$304/month per person

(based on 41 km – 50 km travel distance)

Cost includes maintenance, fuel, insurance, vehicle cleaning and onboarding management.

Vanpool Cost Structure

The Vanpool Program fees are based on one-way distance and the number of people in the vehicle.
This is a non-profit program, meaning that the fees charged cover operating costs only.
Vehicle Travel Distance4/sedan5/sedan5/van6/van7/van
Up to 20km$304$243$305$254$218
21km - 30km$340$272$347$289$248
31km - 40km$373$298$387$322$276
41km - 50km$409$327$426$355$304
51km - 60km$409$327$426$355$304
61km - 70km$442$353$468$390$334
71km +$478$382$509$423$363
Monthly Cost per Passenger

Got questions?

What is TransLink Vanpool?

Who is TransLink?

TransLink Vanpool provides participants with the ability to share their commute to/from work in a pool vehicle with their colleagues. By taking advantage of shared transport during your commute, the TransLink Vanpool program helps reduce dependency on privately owned vehicles, allowing more people to share fewer cars, and greatly improves the liveability of the communities that comprise Metro Vancouver. In addition, by participating in the program you can enjoy access to cost savings, greater commuting flexibility, and the advantage of being able to use high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and designated Vanpool parking at your workplace.

TransLink Vanpool serves groups of as few as 4 and as many as eight (8) participants in each vehicle. Each Vanpool group must have a minimum of 4 participants, of whom at least two (2) must qualify and be registered as drivers. A driver keeps the pool vehicle at a location close to their residence overnight and the group decides where riders will be picked up and what route they will take on their commute.

Who is Modo?

This program is operated by Modo Co-operative. A member-owned co-operative, Modo connects people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive, and sustainable. It does that by providing and operating a platform that enables the sharing of vehicles. Reducing dependency on privately owned vehicles allows more people to share fewer cars, and greatly improves the liveability of the communities that comprise Metro Vancouver. In this program, each vehicle will be dedicated to vanpooling during designated commuting periods to and from the workplace each day and be available for use by Modo’s general membership for carsharing outside of those hours.

Who is Liftango?

This program is also supported by shared mobility technology provider Liftango. Liftango’s shared mobility technology helps cities, communities, and organizations reduce congestion, combat climate change, and improve transportation access for everyone. By guiding global organizations on how to plan, launch and scale their shared mobility programs, Liftango provides a pathway to a sustainable and climate-positive future.

How Do I Sign Up?

How can I start vanpooling?

Fill out the application form below with all of the required information to be contacted about becoming a member of the TransLink Vanpool program! Once the Application has been submitted to TransLink Vanpool and acceptance into the Program and a specific pool group has been confirmed, that person can begin riding in the pool vehicle.

Program Terms & Conditions